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Freedom is making choices

Inspired by life itself, The GoodPeople is a fashion brand that celebrates both the joys and trials of being a man. We continuously aim to push the boundaries. Just when you think you know what to expect, the collection will take you by surprise, leaving you hungry for more. That is life according to the GoodPeople.

We like to be good in many ways. The GoodPeople love the good life. Whether it’s wining and dining, travelling or socializing with other good people, we enjoy the best bits of the world we live in. Free to make the choices we want. The signature cloud logo, featured on the garments, represents this ultimate state of liberty. We also want to be good in caring for our people and our environment.

Quality, Style, Sustainability & Positivity are the key principles of the brand and the choices we make, designing everything in the Netherlands and producing 100% in Europe.