Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Miami can give you anything. But it can also take everything you have. 24 hours in this neon and sunlit city. You never know what will happen. So make sure you wear something that makes you feel good when you dive in. Because the tan will fade, but the pictures will last forever.
“Every season we have the opportunity to create new products. We handpick our favourite type of garments, fabrics and colours and combine everything in this year’s Spring Collection. Because of the creativity of our team, we don’t start from scratch, we pick up ideas everywhere we go. The process begins weeks, months, years before the collection comes out. We call it the creative bug we share at The GoodPeople, almost an urge to create cool clothing.

So getting the ideas together and in line is a very special process and so much fun. To see small ideas worked out in a total collection is awesome. The collection is a very personal reflection of our efforts ideas and creativity. It’s a certain mood which needs to be translated into clothes which reflect our state of mind. And since we are in a very good place with The GoodPeople, Miami felt natural because of the great vibe.”

The designers favourite

My SS18 favorite is the Ritual jacket (available exclusively in our Flagship Store) in navy. Inspired by the good old Japanese worker jacket we translated it into a very comfortable easy-to-wear jacket. Elegant and casual at the same time. The twill jersey fabric we used has been produced in Italy near Lago di Como. Once the fabric was ready we shipped it to Portugal where it has been cut and sewed by jacket specialists.

10th anniversary

This year is our 10th birthday! To celebrate this we designed a special sweater with our brand name. Become one of The GoodPeople with this logo sweater named ‘Cool’.

This sweater is available in the colours navy and fresh green. Because we liked the print so much, we decided we also wanted it in a t-shirt in the colours navy, white & green. Next to this we still have our iconic metal Cloud logo available in the Must structure sweater and the garment dyed Amour polo.