Ruben Lents on kiten, his Megaloop and of course The GoodPeople

Ruben, how ' s he?
Hi Sjoerd, here everything mega ... busy with everything and something else.

What are you going to spend on days? 
At the moment I am in Noordwijk, just back from Turkey and Italy. Wednesday we move to Scheveningen and then the trips are already at the door.

So much on the path?
Yes, he ' s gonna keep moving ... haha. Always on the path to find the right conditions in terms of wind and waves, or with projects, photo and video shoots. It does n' t stop, delicious.

How often do you kite?
If it ' s up to me, 4-5x a week and then about two hours a session, but it really depends on the wind gods ...

Where do you prefer?
I enjoy every second I spend on the water, but Cape Town is one of my favorite spots. The wind is blowing up there and the waves are perfect ramps to fly. And nature is still a little bit beautiful and nice wild, and that ' s why I feel really alive. The North Sea can also be very good and wild so I also love that, that ' s still my homespot.

Can you good kiten in the Netherlands? 
Yes, in the Netherlands we have a lot of water and a lot of wind in all shapes and sizes. So you can do it fairly often and learn and enjoy a lot of different circumstances. Many people think that kiten is super dangerous, difficult or expensive ... but I always compare it with car driving, there you take a number of lessons first, you buy a car that suits you and that gives you years of fun and above all a lot of freedom, experiences and opportunities. The youngest kiter is 3 and the oldest above the 80 ... so I would say, go for it!

So before you did the megaloon first, he ' s not going to order it? How did you get there? I can imagine that this was created by a 'mistake'-suddenly you were 100 meters high in the air-and when you were safe landed you thought 'fat!'.
Haha, kitesurfen now exists for about 25 years, I ' ve been working on it for 17 years ... the materials and kiters are getting better. Making a mistake and flying 100 meters high is unfortunately not in, I ' ve been trying for years of haha ... but how I came to the Megaloop was because I wanted to go higher and harder. There were kite loops made, but not fully gas ... so that you can jump as high as possible and then send that kite a full round of the wind, tja, that ' s my thing, which is a wonderful feeling. We combine that now with rotations and grabs to create a more exciting and better feeling.

Did n' t jump like the Megaloop without danger? 
Of course you need to know what you do before you bet a Megaloop, but you work there quietly. You keep your comfort zone ever further and you always get a bit higher and develop your more sense. I also visualize my moves and so I often country them in 1 times. Sometimes you crash hard, but if you 're fit, it' s gonna be okay ...

In 2015, you became seriously ill, are you still living in your daily life of that period? Physically van mentally?
That was indeed intense, I was diagnosed with aggressive form of lymph node cancer. That 's where they threw 30 liters of chemo that it' s gone. That period has taught me a lot about life, people and myself, so I ' m just picking up the fruits of every day. I ' ve got my energy back, my hair, my nails, everything. You learn the biggest challenges, so you can only be grateful for it. Wat je niet doodt, maakt je sterker.

You ' ll take that period in your leaps?
Yes, I ' m still enjoying every second, every meter and every moment. And also the other way around, in that period it has helped me enormously to remain positive and to think of the kiten. I want to do that again, so I ' m fighting for that. :-)

What is the next time in the planning?
We ' m working on a few very big projects of stunts and content. We also organize LEN10 Experience in Brazil and Cape Town, where we hire a thick villa on the beach and invite customers to a whole fat week full of kiten, coaching, music, adventure and coziness.

You do n' t take any more of international games but you ' re still in the middle of kite surfing. Less competitive, so just recreational?
I ' ve never really had anything with games, life is n' t running for me to be better than others. I love sharing, freedom and dreams. So I ' m doing my own thing, my brand LEN10 building with cool materials, coaching and events, and the content for partners is always fun to be involved. The whole game circuit is also a little bit on his hole so I ' m glad I did n' t let it hang out there. Just enjoy pure enjoyment, knit and making people happy with the sport, delicious. 

Tell me about the link with us!
Hah, yes The GoodPeople of course ... very funny, because Ivo the owner also owns that kite. So, I found it a beautiful guy and I ' m doing some clothes on me. After a visit to the website and the shop in Rotterdam I had a very good feeling and I am wearing it with a lot of fun. Now I ' m finally looking good. ;-) The designs and quality are very much in my mind, so I like to promote more people happy.

What ' s your favorite The GoodPeople item?
My favo item, pfew ... so much cool, beautiful, neat and comfortable things. For any moment, something favors and passends. :-) The Miami shirt is definitely dope and I have already had many compliments. So that ' s nice.

Thanks, and a lot of fun on Burning Man!
Dank you, success and enjoy. Rock aan!